Международная школа
информатики ЮНИОР

ISIJ Office

The School Office is headed by the Executive Director, who organizes the participating countries registration, the registration of teams, and the implementation of the School program, manages the School Fund. The Executive Director of the School from Russia ensures the management of the school Fund in coordination with the IOC.

The Executive Director forms the composition of specialists in the School Office. It organizes information mailing, registration of school participants, collection of organizational financial contribution of participants and visa support for foreign teams.

The School Office organizes the schedule of the School and the work of volunteers, conducts activities under the program, and accompanies the School website.

The Executive Director of the School in coordination with the IOC, organizes leisure program, invites representatives of IT-companies to give workshops and competitions with participants.

Management of the School Fund is provided by the Executive Director of the School on agreement with the IOC of the School.

Registration fee for one co-organizer country team, the registration fee for participating country team and for second country team (accommodation, meals, transfer, excursions), registration fee for Guest (includes 4 excursions) and Extra days payment (include accommodation and meals at the Schools) is indicated annually in the invitation to countries from the Chairman IOC ISIJ.

Information about the timing of the School and the admission fees specified in the letter of the IOC in the name of the team coach.

The registration fee of the participant is approved by IOC.

In the place of residence ISIJ there is a medical worker, teachers, educators, provided security measures for juvenile participants. The place of residence of the School is located in the children's educational institution and has comfortable conditions for living and conducting classes, all rooms are equipped with computers and the Internet.

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