Regulation of the International School in Informatics "Junior" (ISIJ) Ver.3 /2020

Ver.3 /2020


The mission of International School in Informatics Junior (ISIJ, in the text- School) is to create a space of Olympiads in Informatics startup for all juniors of the world, to unite school teachers and coaches innovators in Informatics in a single international coaching community, to create a collection of materials for the development of schools Informatics in the world for talented juniors.
The ISIJ provides classes focused on main Olympiads: EJOI (basic level- B) and IOI (advanced level-A), as well as seminars (IT clubs) on the use of IT in various fields of science and technology. The distance session of the ISIJ is in the autumn-winter months for students ISIJ.
IT club is to form a space of formation of profile interests at the junction of science and information technology. YandexContest and Robbo-club are the main partners of the ISIJ.
ISIJ and IT clubs (workshops IT company partners and sponsors of the ISIJ) become the intersection of Olympiad training juniors and the formation of relevant interests in applied computer science for high school students from around the world.

1. Organizational structure of the ISIJ and IOC

The international school of Informatics "Junior" (ISIJ or School) is initiated by the scientists of national Olympiad in Informatics in Russia together with the organizer of IOI 2016 (Kazan Federal University - KFU, Russia), organizer of the first IOI 1989 and EJOI 2017 (Bulgaria), organizer of EJOI 2018 (Innopolis University, Russia,), organizers of IOI 2000 (Chine) and IOI 1995 (Nederland).

ISIJ is organized to prepare national teams of Junior students, to participate in the international Olympiads in Informatics and exchange of methodological experience between the countries participating in the international movement Olympiad in Informatics.

Russia and Tatarstan region, Bulgaria, China and the Netherlands are the countries co-organizers of the ISIJ. The ISIJ is held by Russia with the support of Russian universities - organizers of IOI and EJOI in Russia.
The organizational structure of ISIJ includes: International Organizing Committee (ISIJ), Scientific-Technical Committee (STC), Coaching Council (CC, includes a representative from each participating country ISIJ as a coach of the Junior team), the School Office (ISIJ Office).

1.1.The General management of the school, its development strategy and representation functions are performed by the IOC. The governing body of the ISIJ is the International Organizing Committee (IOC), which is represented from the every co-organizer countries: Russia, Bulgaria, Nederland and China. The IOC is headed by a Chairman ISIJ (Russia), which approves the decisions of the IOC and coordinates the work with official representatives from the School venue, presents the concept of the School, makes proposals to the IOC on the development strategy of the School, forms for the countries of the invitations, organizes the work of the IOC, organizes opening and closing of the school. The program Director of the School (or ISIJ-Director) is the Deputy Chairman and represents the Coaching Council of the School in the IOC.
1.2.The International Organizing Committee ISIJ consists of Chairman IOC ISIJ and 10 members: Program Director (ISIJ- Director, Russia), Official representative of the Kazan Federal University (KFU, Russia), Official representative of the Innopolis University (UI, Russia), Official representative of the venue ISIJ (Russia), Director of partnership development(Nederland), two Scientific Director ISIJ (Bulgaria and China), two leaders of the Scientific-Technical Committee (STC) (from Russian group and International group), Executive Director head of the Office ISIJ (Russia).
1.3.The Program Director of the School supervises the program and financial support of the school in coordination with the Executive Director IOC.

2. School participants

The School is held as an international educational forum for national teams of countries participating in the international Olympiad in Informatics (IOI, EJOI, ets).

ISIJ summer session is held in the form of a camp and in online form every year at the same time

Each country can submit no more than 2 teams to Camp summer ISIJ and no more than 5 teams for Online summer ISIJ, and in addition - a team of teachers for internships
The co-organizer countries of the School can send 3 teams to Camp summer ISIJ, and main team according to the established IOC of the registration fee for the co-organizer countries ISIJ, for other teams according to the General registration fee (pay for each participant and coach).

The co-organizer countries of the School can send 5 teams to Online summer ISIJ, and 1 main team without payment the registration fee for the co-organizer countries ISIJ, for other teams according to the General registration fee (pay for each participant).

The country participate ISIJ send one team of 2 to 6 participants and a coach (which is included with the Coaching Council ISIJ) according to the General registration fee pay for each participant and coach.

The registration fee for the co-organizer countries ISIJ, the General registration fee determines the IOC ISIJ, taking into account the sponsorship contributions each year.

Guests of ISIJ from the country participate in a special program and the Guests registration fee.

Guest - registration fee determines Office ISIJ according to excursion program.

2.1.The team from a country consists of 2 to 6 participants and one team-coach. Age of participants is supposed 13, but to be not older than 16 years by the end of the year. The student can choose the level of training: advanced (A) or basic (B). All participants are divided into classes of no more than 14 students in each class.

Participants of the school of the last year up to 16 years can participate in the school next year on the results of homework in September-March after School by the decision of the team-coach of his country.

2.2.Each participant must have health insurance for the period of his stay in Russia.
2.3.Russian group can participate from 6-8 classes, selected as the best 2-4 participants in the RusOI from the region of Russian Federation : the municipal stage (the best participantswho competed at the contest 9-11 classes) or regional stage, or other coder Olympiads. No more than 18 juniors from Russian group, who have the best rating in the Cup, can be awarded with Cup medals
2.4.From Tatarstan can participate 18 juniors with a coach.

3. Scientific-Technical Committee of the School (STC).

STC and Scientific Directors develops Rules for training contests, prepare contests, theoretical seminars and lectures on the IOI-oriented syllabus for Level -A and on the EJOI-oriented syllabus for Level -B respectively.

3.1.The Scientific Content of the School (SC-ISIJ) is provided by the Scientific -Technical Committee of the School consisting 12 members: from co-organizer countries - 6 members and from other countries - 6elective positions (elected for a term of three years).
3.2.In the election of 6 members from the countries involved members of the STC and Coaching Council (CC).
3.3.STC is headed by two leaders - one leader from Russia and the second one - from the international STC group. The leaders is appointed by the IOC of the School.
3.4.The structure of the Russian group of STC approved by the Russian leader STC group.
3.5.The two Scientific Directors IOC coordinate the STC (on the IOI-oriented syllabus for Level -A and on the EJOI-oriented syllabus for Level -B respectively).
The Program Director coordinate the Coaching Council proceedings.
3.6.STC includes one representative of Yandex company - technical Manager of Yandex Contest system - to support Members of the STC to prepare contests ISIJ.

4. The concept of the School Program

The School is held in summer from 10 days(1 day - check - in, 1 day-introductory session and opening, 5 training days and Robot-Club, 1 day of the ISIJ- Cup, and 1 day closing and awarding, 1 day departure) including two excursions.

The School develops the IOC in coordination with the STC based on planned funding. The financial support of the school is provided by the IOC of the School and the School Office (ISIJ Found).

4.1.The school languages are Russian and English. The coaches of teams can do translation the seminars materials to native language for participants.
4.2.The texts of the tasks are provided to all participants in Russian and English in electronic form with the possibility of printing. The coach reserves the right to provide the participant with a translation of the tasks in his native language with respect to confidentiality.
4.3.STC with the Coaching Council agrees on the training content (level A and B), on the basis of which STC prepares tasks.
4.4.The Program Director of the School agrees with the STC and the Coaching Council on the program of training levels A and B (see 2.1), classes with the participants, gives pedagogical workshops and consultations in coaches' groups.
4.5.The Chairman of the IOC agrees with the Official representative of the venue ISIJ (Russia, Tatarstan) and Executive Director approves the dates of the School and organizes educational events with participants on the IT clubs, manages the provision of a base for the school on the campus.
4.6.The School program includes five training rounds and the one contest for ISIJ Cup (or International Junior Informatics Cup- IJIC).
4.7.The School program includes two excursions.
4.8.The School program provides Robot-club and Robot competition. The Junior teams of ISIJ countries (no more than 4 participants in the team) can take part in this competition. Three the best team gets the winner prize

4.9.The School program includes algorithmic classes (chess, origami, fractal graphics, 3D design) and workshop of IT-companies, scientific and practical workshops, sports, leisure activities.
4.10.According to the results of ISIJ, countries can form junior team to participate in the IATI (international Autumn tournament in Informatics, held since 2009 at the end of November, Bulgaria, Shumen, Oversees the registration of teams for IATI members the IOC ISIJ from Bulgaria.

4.11. All seminars materials for Online summer ISIJ are placed in a special section of the website ISIJ with access for trainers

5. The Couching Council (CC)

Coaches from different countries are part of the international Coaching Council of the School: one coach from each country team. Each School class is supervised by one coach (coach-curator of the class).

5.1.Every year a coach from each country can presents 1-2 tasks of the national Olympiad in Infomatics (NOI) to the STC, ready for use, and 1 tasks in the ISIJ cup (text in English, tests and testing programs - in the programming language C++).
5.2.The Coaching Council chooses representatives from its membership to the international group of STC by direct vote. Term of representation in the international group of STC is limited to 5 years.
5.3.The members of the Coaching Council are involved in working with the juniors for their consultation after the contests, theoretical seminars and practice workshops, translates objectives into national language, holds thematic sessions of the Coaching Council.
5.4.The Coaching Council together with STC analyzes the results of students and determines regular and special award (see 10.).

6. ISIJ-Cup

The fee for participation in the Cup is included in the payment for the participation in ISIJ. All teams of ISIJ countries take part in the Cup in two categories: level A (medal advanced level) and level B ( medal Basic level) .

For Camp summer ISIJ: Diploma The Medal Diploma of the Cup ISIJ (with medal for group level B and group level A) awarded all participants of the Cup with these points according to the list of participants of the Cup: no more than 3 teams from the co-organizers and 2 teams from each participating country.

For Online summer ISIJ: Diploma The Medal Diploma of the Online Cup ISIJ (with medal for group level B and group level A) awarded all participants of the Cup with these points according to the list of participants of the Cup: no more than 5 teams from the country.

6.1.The ISIJ-Cup (IJIC) is held in one round of 3 tasks for 4 hours.

6.2.Following the results of the Cup three places participants according to the rating are defined: gold, silver and bronze medals separately for group level B and group level A.
6.3. The results of the contest are also determined by the gold, silver medalists and bronze medalists:
- 33%, 33% and 34% of the total number of official Camp participants from teams, respectively, without participants who showed 0 points in the Cup contest in Camp summer ISIJ,
- 25%, 25% and 50% of the total number of official online participants from teams, without participants who showed 0 points in the Online Cup contest in Online summer ISIJ.
6.4.From the Russian groups to participate in the Cup 3 Russian group teams and from the Tatarstan- 3 teams are allowed, not more than 6 members in the team, team members are awarded based on the ranking of results.
The distribution of medals for Online ISIJ in groups A and B corresponds to the number of teams from participating countries, including two sets of teams from Russia and Tatarstan (no more than 10 teams in online ISIJ or 6 teams in Camp ISIJ). This means that the results of the Cup for groups A and B in the distribution of medals are summed up for participants from countries and the best for participation in the Junior Cup from Russia and Tatarstan in total no more than 60 participants in online ISIJ or 36 participants in Camp ISIJ by rating.
6.5.Diploma for the 3 teams on the average score for the Cup (according to the rating average score in the team), and diploma for team coach:
1 - Ggold team,
2 - Silver team,
3 - Bronze team.

7. School training contests, Rules, Scientific Content ISIJ

The STC carries out the preparation of training contests with use of tasks from countries ISIJ, as well as national Olympiads' tasks of the participating countries and tasks of EJOI, IOI of different years.
Contests are governed by Rules (STC developed).

Task are formed by STC in accordance with the Scientific Content ISIJ for the levels of advance (A) and basic (B).

7.1.The system of competitions for the School contests is provided by the Russian company Yandex for the STC proceeding free of charge.
7.2.All School contests of the current year are laid out for participants' homework in distant form for the School registered participants.
7.3.STC prepares contests in distant form before the School starts in YandexContest system.
7.4. The Rules for participating of ISIJ tours include two parts: the rules for Camp ISIJ and the rules for online ISIJ

8. The School Office

The School Office is headed by the Executive Director, who organizes the participating countries registration, the registration of teams, and the implementation of the School program, manages the School Fund. The Executive Director of the School from Russia ensures the management of the school Fund in coordination with the IOC.

8.1.The Executive Director forms the composition of specialists in the School Office. It organizes information mailing, registration of school participants, collection of organizational financial contribution of participants and visa support for foreign teams.
8.2.The School Office organizes the schedule of the School and the work of volunteers, conducts activities under the program, and accompanies the School website.
8.3.The Executive Director of the School in coordination with the IOC, organizes leisure program, invites representatives of IT-companies to give workshops and competitions with participants.
8.4.The work of the STC and IOC, accommodation, meals and transport services has financial support from the School Fund.
8.5.Management of the School Fund is provided by the Executive Director of the School on agreement with the IOC of the School. The Executive Director has the right to submit for approval change of the registration fee to the IOC with justification of the reasons for its correction.
8.6.Registration fee for one co-organizer country team, the registration fee for participating country team and for second country team (accommodation, meals, transfer, excursions), registration fee for Guest(includes 4 excursions) and Extra days payment (include accommodation and meals at the Schools) is indicated annually in the invitation to countries from the Chairman IOC ISIJ.
Members of the organizing Committee do not pay the fee.
Members of the scientific Committee pay Registration fee for one co-organizer country team.
8.7.Information about the timing of the School and the admission fees specified in the letter of the IOC in the name of the team coach.
8.8.The registration fee of the participant is approved by IOC.
8.9.In the place of residence ISIJ there is a medical worker, teachers, educators, provided security measures for juvenile participants. The place of residence of the School is located in the children's educational institution and has comfortable conditions for living and conducting classes, all rooms are equipped with computers and the Internet.
8.10.Companies sponsors make their contribution to the School Fund for the development of the School, to attract coaches, to grants to coaches for students to go to international competitions. The sponsor's minimum contribution to support School Fund is 2000 Euros per year. The IT-company is involved in the IT-club as part of the activities of the school program in the afternoon in agreement with the IOC.
8.11. The Executive Director and IOC is working to attract sponsors to ensure the costs of paragraph 8.10.

9. The ISI-junior information portal (

Development and maintenance of the ISI-junior portal (School portal) is provided by IOC. The Portal has Russian and English versions and contains the invitation, accommodation, class schedule, cup schedule, rules, regulations of the School, media, results and awards, history, contact and a link to the website of the School Office for registration and visa support.

9.1.The website of the School Office provided by The Executive Director (information mailing, registration of school participants, collection of organizational financial contribution of participants and visa support for foreign teams).
9.2.The School portal contains information on the composition and contacts of the IOC, the STC, the Program Director, the Coaching Council, the list of participating countries and the number of participants.
The contact details of the participants are not posted on the site.
9.3.The School portal contains the final ratings of the School contests. The ratings indicate: date, participant's name, country, points.
9.4.The portal contains an archive of photos of the School events and interview of participants with their coach from the events of the School schedule.
9.5.The School portal contains the Coaching Council's work schedule, School news.
9.6.STC places the School contests archive in a special section on the School portal for use of registered participants and coaches through the system YandexContent for remote access year-round.
9.7.Registration of all participants on the YandexContent is mandatory.
9.8.The School portal contains the logo of the School for use of countries in the design of t-shirts and other object attributes of the School.
9.9.On the School portal there is a page of history of School participants distinctions.

10. Certificates and diplomas ISIJ

All School participants receive a certificate of participation.

All School coaches will receive a certificate on academic probation, 36/44/80 hours on the program "The methodic of the early development of talented students.

The best participants of the School on the sum of all training contests receive a diploma, information about them is posted on the School portal.

10.1.Regular awards ISIJ:
1 - Diploma the day of the ISIJ The best participant of the day competition according to the 5contests in School ( by rating, in the case of equal points - the fastest),
2 - Diploma top- students of the ISIJ Top 10 results of students of the School of the year according to the 5 contests ISIJ and Cup (Determines IOC and STC by participant rating: 5 students from A group, and 5 students from B group).
3 - Diploma of the Medalists of the Cup in the individual ranking (gold, silver and bronze, see 6.2)
4 - Diploma Winner-Teams of the Cup ISIJ Gold, silver and bronze Teams of the Cup (for A and B groups)
5 - Diploma Winner-junior of the Cup ISIJ The best participant of the Cup (all participants with the same highest result become cup winners).
6 - Special Diploma for the best junior ISIJGrand Medal of the ISIJ of the year
10.2.Special awards ISIJ:
1 - Giftand Certificate The youngest student of the School(The best among the youngest participants) ,
2 - Gift and Certificate The most successful girl of the School contests (in all 5 contests and ISIJ-Cup).
3 - Certificate The best student in each team of the country (in all 5 contests and ISIJ-Cup)
4 - Certificate Top 3 teams of countries (1-2-3 seats, the best average score in teams for all 5 contests and ISIJ-Cup)
10.3. Certificates and diplomas CC ISIJ for coaches:
1 - Diploma ISIJ Coaches (80 h. of The ISIJ- MOOC and ISIJ participation),
2 - Certificate ISIJ deputy Coaches (44 h. for ISIJ participation),
3 - E-Certificate RUSERE ISIJ-MOOC (36 h. for MOOC of the ISIJ)